Laurie Klein CFP®, ChFC®

Founder, Principal

With over two decades of expertise in the financial services industry, Laurie is a seasoned professional renowned for her exceptional insights and strategic acumen.

Laurie honed her skills across various domains, from corporate leadership to wealth management, demonstrating a remarkable ability to adapt to evolving market conditions and emerging trends. Her deep understanding of business, economics, and financial markets and her dedication to client satisfaction have earned them a sterling reputation among peers, clients, and staff. Throughout her career, Laurie navigated the complexities of wealth management, establishing herself as a trusted advisor and leader.

She is driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to continuous learning. She remains at the forefront of industry developments, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies to drive success for her clients and organization. Whether cultivating long-term investment strategies, insightful financial advice, or adapting to the latest technology, Laurie approaches each challenge with unwavering professionalism and a steadfast dedication to achieving results.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Laurie recharges her batteries in the great outdoors. Whether biking through scenic trails, hiking majestic peaks, exploring the ocean's depths, or carving through fresh powder on the slopes, Laurie embraces every opportunity for adventure. She is an empty nester, which gives her time to indulge in her cultural interests, which include theater performances, cheering on her favorite sports teams, and delving into thought-provoking seminars or podcasts that expand her horizons.