Building the life you want is a journey, not a destination. It’s about taking steps that lead to meaningful change. That is why our approach to Wealth Management and our business model is built on the foundation of Kaizen, the concept of continuous improvement. We believe that every effort counts in shaping your financial future. Let’s take those steps together and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.


About Us

Our specialized team is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your wealth. Our approach emphasizes flexibility and adaptability to cater to your evolving needs at different life stages. Our clients benefit from a wide network of specialists, including CPAs, attorneys, insurance experts, and mortgage brokers who collaborate closely to assist you in pursuing your life goals.


Our Philosophy

As a Fiduciary, we always put your interests first. It’s like having a trusted friend committed to helping you make the best financial decisions. We act with your well-being in mind, make transparent choices, and ensure everything we do benefits you. Your financial success and security are our top priorities, and we work in a way that reflects that commitment. 


Our Process

Working with our firm is a collaborative process focused on optimizing your wealth. We begin by listening to understand your financial goals and objectives. Next, we identify opportunities within your financial plan to help you achieve your goals. We then implement recommendations and continually monitor your financial situation, adjusting to changes in relevant laws or when life changes occur. We serve as your trusted partner in protecting and growing your wealth.

Financial planning

Wise Investing

“Wise investing" refers to making informed and prudent decisions when allocating capital in financial markets to achieve long-term financial objectives. It involves research, analysis, discipline, and risk management.

  • Planning: Needs, risks, and expectations are examined for all investments, making certain we have a comprehensive understanding of your financial landscape.
  • Design: Working together, we’ll create a refined portfolio with a diversified palette of ETFs, funds, individual bonds, and socially responsible options - providing a unique and nuanced approach to your wealth accumulation.
  • Discipline: We’ll help you keep a disciplined long-term perspective to stay on track with your financial goals.
  • Performance: Offering oversight of selected asset classes and specific investments, ensuring your financial strategy remains current.
  • Insights: We’ll discuss market trends, risks, and insights throughout the year.


Make Work Optional

Financial independence is when an individual or household has accumulated enough wealth and assets to cover their living expenses and financial obligations without needing to rely on employment income or assistance from others. Achieving financial independence allows individuals greater control over their time and lifestyle choices.

  • Goal Setting: Discover your financial aspirations through insightful conversations. Let’s talk about your values and dreams. It’s not just about money; it’s about creating a roadmap for your future that delivers the life you want.
  • Retirement Income: Start your next chapter confidently. Our cash flow model encourages you to have peace of mind, knowing you won’t run out of money.
  • Distribution Tax: Keep more of what you’ve earned.
  • Recommendations: We’re here to share practical planning and spending strategies.


Win the Tax Game

"Winning the tax game" refers to legally minimizing tax liability through strategic planning and optimizing available tax benefits and deductions. While it's essential to comply with tax laws and regulations, there are several strategies individuals can employ to reduce their tax burden.

  • After-tax wealth creation: It’s not just about what you earn but what you get to keep. We focus on maximizing your after-tax wealth creation.
  • Seeking Opportunity: Thorough reviews of your income tax return and proactive recommendations of changes ensure you take advantage of strategies to reduce your taxes.
  • Regulatory Risk: We partner with your tax professional to monitor the tax law for opportunities and save you money.


Legacy Planning

While estate planning primarily focuses on the transfer of financial assets and property after death, legacy planning encompasses a broader scope, including non-financial aspects such as family values, philanthropy, and personal legacies.

  • Successful Adult Children: Kaizen will partner with your family through significant life changes. Whether it’s the first job, marriage, or the arrival of little ones, we’re here to help prepare your adult children to become capable financial stewards.
  • Education Planning: Our education planning isn’t just about books; it’s about developing a plan as bright as your family’s future, from children to grandchildren and beyond.
  • Giving Strategy: By crafting a giving plan that reflects your values and wishes, you can leave a legacy of impact.
  • Integrity: We’ll monitor your charity’s financial health, safeguarding your vision to thrive beyond generations.


Protect What You Have Built

Risk mitigation refers to the process of reducing, minimizing, or managing the impact and likelihood of potential risks or threats to derail you from achieving your goals. It involves identifying and assessing risks, implementing strategies to address them, and monitoring their effectiveness over time. Risk mitigation aims to prevent or mitigate negative consequences and ensure the continuity, resilience, and success of the entity or endeavor.

  • Life’s Plot Twists: Anticipate the unexpected. Safeguard your future with Insurance: Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Home, Auto, and Umbrella.
  • Be Prepared: Let’s develop a thoughtful plan to ensure a smooth distribution of assets to family and charity.
  • The Last Chapter: Whether it be incapacity or a need for home care support, we have partners who will help you age with dignity and respect.


Optimize Employer Benefits

Employer benefits extend beyond just salary or wages and encompass offerings like employer stock, retirement plans, deferred compensation, paid time off, wellness programs, and health insurance. By strategically utilizing and maximizing these benefits, employees can enrich their compensation package, bolster financial security, and improve overall well-being.

  • Maximize Your Wealth: Explore and uncover the options available in your workplace benefits, by tapping into all offerings, you can enhance your financial standing and pave the way for increased job satisfaction.
  • Employer Stock: Optimize benefits such as stock options, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), and Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs).

Our Team

We manage assets for individuals, families, and businesses, providing investment management, and financial planning services.