Sarah Hensley FPQP™

Client Service Administrator and Paraplanner

With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry, Sarah brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Sarah's journey led her to discover a profound passion for client service, technical support, and paraplanning early in her career.  She firmly believes that exceptional service, personalized attention, and education are the cornerstones of financial security, embodying these principles as she guides clients toward peace of mind.

Beyond her role at Kaizen, Sarah has refined her problem-solving abilities, fostered strong relationships, and developed creative marketing skills through her work as a small business owner. Her creativity and a talent for marketing and event planning seamlessly blend analytical with artistic expression. She brings these skills to the firm plus a deep desire to make finance more approachable by presenting it in an entertaining and engaging manner, showcasing her enthusiasm for simplifying complex financial concepts.

Outside the office, Sarah is an adventure seeker who finds peace both on the lake and in her travels. She is drawn to destinations with waterfalls, great seafood, remote snorkeling spots, and scenic hiking trails with the company of good friends. Sarah is a passionate foodie who enjoys hosting dinner parties with her nearest and dearest. Additionally, Sarah actively participates in several local singing groups and lends her voice to her church's choir, bringing harmony to her personal and professional pursuits.